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Individual zone coated transfer adhesives

zone coated transfer adhesives

On basis of transfer adhesives, Biolink manufactures strip coated adhesive tapes. With our special Biolink coating technology we are able to produce individual coating grids, adapted to customer applications.

The Zonecoat can be applied over the entire surface in different widths or on slim rolls with symmetric finger lift. Depending on the requirements we can produce the Zonecoat in different strengths, whereby narrow rolls of up to 1000 m are possbile. In this way, also aggresive adhesives may be cut into narrow rolls.

strip coated adhesive tapes
  • Holohedral application in widths of 1020 mm / 1280 mm / 1510 mm
  • Narrow rolls with symmetric finger lift (glueless zone right/left) for easy processing
  • Different adhesive thicknesses possible (50 µ - 250 µ)
  • Narrow rolls up to a length of 1000 m, depending on strength
  • No bleeding of the adhesive on the cutting edges
  • Optimised storability of the rolls
    (no stick together of single rolls)
  • Easy processing of the tapes through both-sided finger lift

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