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Self-Adhesive Die-Cut Parts

self-adhesive die-cut parts

Customer-Specific Die-Cutting Services

Optimise production, speed up the assembly process, cut down waste and improve quality with our professional and customized die-cutting services.
 Die-cut parts can be produced from a wide range of products, including double-coated, single-coated and transfer, pure and modified adhesives.

  • Rapid prototyping, in small volumes, for new and pre-production parts
  • Kiss-cut pads and parts presented on roll
  • Open face parts presented on sheet or roll, for automated application
  • Individual butt-cut parts, presented loose in bags or stacked and packed, for assembly or application by hand
  • Even complex parts produced to very fine tolerances
  • 100% QS of every part, where necessary
  • Short production lead times, JIT delivery
  • Converting and use of any product supplied or specified by the customer
  • Full QS process according to DIN ISO 16949

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