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Our Tape Designer

Tape Configurator
Tape Configurator

Our modular adhesive tape technology enables you to design an adhesive
tape with all the performance characteristics you require. Our adhesive tape designer can help you in a few simple steps. With the specific requirements of your application always in mind, the process can begin:

1. Carrier Materials

First of all, the decision needs to be taken if you need an adhesive tape with a carrier or if a transfer tape (without a carrier material) is more suitable. If a carrier is required, there are several decisions to make regarding the character of the carrier material (i.e. rigid, thin, filmic, etc.). Our comprehensive selection of potential substrates provides the flexibility required for your specific application.

2. Adhesive

As the second step, consider the substrates to be bonded. We can test these surfaces in our lab to determine the most appropriate adhesive class and coating thickness that are most appropriate to the requirements of the application. Our adhesive classes are based on a 100% acrylic, solvent-free technology and can be modified for your specific needs.

3. Liner Materials

Finally consider the carrier and its functionality during both application and end use. We have a wide range of standard liners available from stock and special liners can be developed with our key suppliers. Different liners can be selected according to the release level, the converting and the application requirements. Paper liners are hand tearable for instance, while filmic liners provide high dimensional stability and strength for machine application and easy, one-piece removal by the end user, when in situ on the finished product.

4. Converting

According to your production requirements, we will supply your adhesive tape as a roll, sheet or die-cut part to guarantee a smooth, optimised manufacturing process.

Our experienced application engineers are available to offer their expertise, guidance and support throughout this process.