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Solvent-Free UV-Cured Adhesive Technology

Biolink solvent-free adhesive tapes

In 1997, Biolink developed a unique UV-cured adhesive technology for high-performance tapes and films. Our solvent-free acrylic adhesive systems are not only environmentally-friendly but also offer special characteristics such as high temperature, UV, moisture, aging and chemical resistance.

On the basis of this technology, we offer fully integrated value-added services – from the development of different adhesive classes through custom coating and laminating to specific sub-assembly, die-cutting, converting and packaging options.

We provide:

  • solvent-free adhesive tapes
  • Biolink adhesive tapes
  • UV-cured pressure-sensitive adhesive tape solutions
  • Solvent-free, 100% acrylic systems
  • One-stop provider: from products (custom development and design, adhesive coated rolls, logs and masters) to services (custom coating, special roll forms, laminating and die-cut parts)
  • Different adhesive classes (pure and modified), balancing cohesion and adhesion, according to the specific requirements of the application
  • Highly versatile coating technology, with a wide variety of adhesive depositions possible, from 25microns to 1000microns
  • Full, differential and zone coating available