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Environmental Statement

solvent-free adhesive tapes

Biolink's unique technology is based on a fundamental environmental principle: to produce and coat adhesives in an ecologically and environmentally-friendly
way, without chemicals that cause harm to our environment and employees.

We believe that every business has the responsibility to take care of the environment in a sustainable manner in every one of its production processes. We pursue this important principle, delivering our promise to take care of future generations while at the same time combining it with commercial interests.

We are deeply committed to providing quality services and products in a manner that ensures a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and that minimises our potential impact on the local and global environment.

We operate in full compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and
continually strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices. 

We are committed to NOT:

  • Use solvents of any kind in our manufacturing process or the coating of adhesives.
  • Consume high levels of energy in our production processes.
  • Use drinking quality water in any of our processes.
  • Emit any gaseous byproducts into the atmosphere.
  • Create high levels of noise pollution or odour.
  • Use any raw materials that may be harmful to our employees or customers.