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Transfer adhesives for adhesive backing, laminating and converting

translink transfer adhesives

The translink range is very broad, so as to provide a number of potential solutions to the customer, for a very wide variety of applications. Our translink transfer adhesives are available in thicknesses  from 30 to 250 microns. Customers can select the adhesive class and thickness in order to optimise the performance of the finished product. Applications include adhesive backing of back-lit graphics, polishing abrasives and felts, go-kart and motocross decals and acrylic lettering, anti squeek felts, fabrics and textiles.

  • High clarity and light transmission, as no fibre reinforcement is used.
  • Good all-round temperature, aging and environmental resistance
  • Low outgassing, for the automotive and electronics industries
  • Unique solvent free technology
  • Comprehensive range of products

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