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Scrim-reinforced transfer adhesives

Scrim Tape netlink

Our netlink product is designed primarily for the adhesive backing and laminating of cellular foams. The integrated scrim provides good dimensional stability to the finished foam parts, whilst also helping processing and handling. The modified acrylic adhesives utilised are designed to provide very high levels of adhesion, necessary for the wide variety of foam types and cell structures that it is required to adhere to. For uneven and structured surfaces, high-deposition products are also provided. Netlink is widely used for foam parts in the automotive, transport and electronics industries, where only an acrylic adhesive can provide the aging, shear, UV, chemical, temperature and environmental resistance that is necessary.

  • Acrylic adhesives providing the tack levels of rubber-based systems
  • High adhesive deposition ensures instant tack even to structured surfaces
  • Good allround performance, far higher than rubber-based systems
  • Good resistance to migratory chemicals

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