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Clean-peel, removable single and double coated (perm/peel) adhesive tapes

removable tape relink

Biolink's unique technology enables us to produce a range of single and double coated, controlled peel products, designed for clean, residue-free removal, even after extended periods in situ. This range can provide a variety of adhesive levels, ranging from 1 N, designed to provide temporary fixing of smart cards, to 10 N, designed to provide relatively high adhesion and shear strength. All will remove, without residue, after prolonged periods in situ, even when exposed to UV and other environmental factors. Applications include masking of parts during powder coating, protection of bright parts, mounting of protection pads, as an application tape for auto badges, lens guard, mounting of shop front and window graphics, temporary fixing in print finishing and direct mail companies as well as mounting of smart cards.

  • Good clarity
  • Adhesion level is selectable, according to the application (see adhesive classes) Special adhesives provide comparatively (for a removable adhesive) good adhesion and cohesion
  • The adhesive is stable and consistent throughout its life in situ
  • Unique, clean-peel, residue-free removability
  • Peel adhesion levels available: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 10 N/25 mm

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