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Pure acrylic bonding films

high-performance tape prolink

Prolinks are specifically designed to provide very high performance bonding, fixing and mounting of assembly parts, where historically wet glues, screws and other mechanical fixings may have been required. They are widely used in the glass, glazing, transport and signage industries. Applications include liquid resin laminating systems, post and panel signs, truck and bus assembly, light boxes and white goods construction.

  • Highly elastomeric, for vibration and frequency absorption
  • Designed for both metals and plastics
  • Products have good tack for assembly purposes, helping to reduce dwell times
  • Good clarity
  • Very high temperature, UV, aging and environmental resistance, ideal for exterior use
  • Special products for low energy surfaces
  • Activator system (prolink rs) to further improve performance
  • Available in thicknesses of 50 to 3000 microns

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