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Technical Adhesive Tapes and Films

technical adhesive tapes and films

Our adhesive tapes can be found in almost all industries today. Whether they are used in the aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics, building, furniture, glass or the graphical sector … Biolink adhesive tapes facilitate your production processes, making them more efficient, environmentally friendly and more comfortable. Due to their excellent aging, shear, UV, chemical, temperature and environmental resistance, our products are suitable for complex applications where traditional adhesive tapes do not offer the characteristics required.

High-Performance Products, Solvent-Free Technology

  • Solvent-free production technology on the basis of UV-cured acrylic adhesives
  • Highly-transparent adhesive layers
  • Environmental resistance through UV and hydrolysis resistance
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Excellent resistance against chemicals
  • Tested long-term age and wear resistance 

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