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Adhesive tapes for industrial applications

Biolink works with many international OEMs and converters to offer proven solutions for the electronic and appliance industry, some of which are UL approved. Specifically, we provide die-cut and roll-form solutions, designed to address critical industry challenges, such as achieving increased production output, simplification of sub-assembly and cost reductions.

Key Electric & Electronic Industry Applications

Front panel mounting
Front panel mounting
Technical adhesive tapes for membrane switches
Adhesive tapes for membrane switches
  • Sound and vibration management
  • Low-surface energy bonding
  • Gasketing and sealing
  • General mounting and assembly
  • Identification labels
  • Thermal insulation/heat shields
  • Membrane switches and keyboards
  • Front panel and fascia mounting
  • Emblems, badges and nameplate fixing
  • Mounting evaporator plates
  • Panel assembly for domestic appliances
  • Mobile phone assembly

Technical advice