Relink 2318b is an AIRBUS approved Double Sided Tape designed for bonding Aircraft Carpets to flooring. Relink 2318B has a differential adhesive system – one side with very high adhesion to adhere to the carpet and one side clean peel remoable for adhering to the aircraft flooring panel.

  • The tape simplifies the work involved in carpet installation
  • The tape comes off with the carpet and leaves no adhesive residue on the floor panel
  • No need to clean the panel surface
  • Tested and approved by Airbus

The technical qualification of the product ReLink 2318, Version B at Airbus has been finished successfully. This product has been qualified according to AIMS 10-05-014 and can be procured according to ABS 5648B. The consumable material list number of Airbus is: CML # 08-118

We stock this tape in 50 meter rolls.

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